About - Tia PIA Qture

I owe it all to my maternal grandmother...

From a very young age Cecilia Torres de Cordoba (better and more lovingly known as: La Cuchita) had cataracts in both eyes. If you asked her she would tell you she could not see a thing. Yet, putting her left eye very close to the fabric she could sew for hours on end on her Singer treadle sewing machine. Every family member enjoyed at some point knitted and crochet baby wear, blankets, ornamented something (because it could be anything) with delicate crocheted edgings or a dress or 2 (or more) that had been created with them in mind. Oh! and no patterns ever needed.

So it was through Cuchita that I learnt, when I was about 8 years old, the love of needlework and fiber crafts. It would take me about 20 years to actually finish my first project: a baby blanket for a coworker/friend. But, Norma Blackwood, another coworker who shared this love and enthusiasm, would be the one to teach me to read patterns and in that way perfect my art.

I now take another step forward as I am happy to honor my Cuchita's memory with my small boutique. Here I get to create a small profit from this love for the needle & fabric art. In doing so I get to share with others the nurturing, home-like feeling that only homemade items can bring, with all their uniqueness and beauty.

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